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Written by Ariyl HaKohen   
Tuesday, 24 March 2009 20:29

Welcome to
This site is intended to address various matters of importance, including Scriptural matters concerning these Last Days and the Scriptural House of Yahweh (more properly: BAYIT YAHWEH). Individual studies (texts and audio/videos) of controversial nature will be posted. Topics will include The Torah/The 613 Laws of Yahweh, End Time figures and beliefs. This will also involve exposing the deceptions of perpetrators on the one hand, and revealing the righteousness of Father Yahweh on the other hand. Discernment in distinguishing between the two will be grounded upon Scriptural evidence as well as other FACTUAL evidences (sway of opinion grounded upon unoriginal church doctines or opinions are not utilized nor adhered to). Strictly speaking, only the First Faith that was ONCE for ALL delivered and entrusted to the Saints in the beginning is considered the foundation from which our forefathers stood and will stand forever (Yahdah-"Jude" 1:13). Derivation from this obvious Scriptural FACT for which to fight and stand for, therefore, has no bearing and cannot be heeded to in this endeavor.

It is hoped that those who have truly been called by FATHER YAHWEH will contribute, and gather as Saints of Yahweh without fear of reprisal from any outside source or power, so that the heavenly Bayit Yahweh can gather and flourish from now on, as intended in the Father's plan.

In Yahshua Mashiach

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